How To Get More Followers On Poshmark

I noticed that many people were looking for how to get more followers on the Poshmark app. Here are some quick tips to gain more exposure to your closet:

1. Follow others first! Follow as many people as you can. They will most likely follow you in return, or at least click to check out your closet.

2. Share others' listings! Many people will return the favor and share your listings back.

3. Be active in the parties! There are three parties a day that you can participate in. Interact with other Poshmark users by sharing their listings, liking items and commenting.

How To Deal With Haters

I found the following tips from a blog post here and wanted to share. Social media has become more and more prevalent in our lives and while it brings a lot of good, it also brings a lot of hatred and bullying. My heart goes out to all of the people that may be affected. Especially the children and young teenagers who may not be emotionally equipped to handle rude comments or personal attacks. 
 Here’s my tutorial on what to do when people post all kinds of nasty things about you or boldly send personal messages of hate and/or death threats.  
1. Pray for them. They clearly need Jesus.
2. Do not seek their acceptance. It’s a lost cause & they just want attention.
3. Do not defend yourself, as badly as you may want to. It is NOT worth your time or effort. (Unless it’s literally to your face & in person - then respond with a pity smile)
4. SMILE a lot and go about your daily life as if someone didn’t call you names or threaten your very existence. Be silly & fun & brush ya shoulders off! ;)
5. Know that everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter what it is, and rest in the fact that you’ve never met them - so their opinion is based on surface judgement, not absolute truth (or if you have met them, rest in the fact that they don’t know your heart or your story, or they’d probably love it & you)
6. Learn that it sucks, but you might have to stop reading any & all messages/tags/mentions/notifications bc you never know which ones will take a jab. Even though you really appreciate the sweet ones and want to respond to those.
7. Pray for strength for yourself. 
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Something To Think About

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.
-Albert Einstein

Wearing Now: Sweet Nothings

One of my favorite nail polishes I own. Sweet Nothings by Pro Nails. I bought this at Sally's Beauty Supply on a whim and have been so pleased with its results. It goes on super glossy without using a top coat and you only need one coat and you're done!

Friday Morning: Picture Post

Spinach, feta & egg white wrap and skinny hazelnut frappucino

A little obsessed with my new Piclab app I downloaded yesterday...

Stacks on stacks. Today's arm party after a bit of retail therapy.