A Review on the PoshMark app for iPhone

Packages on their way to the post office!

I have a new obsession with Poshmark. I've been in desperate need to clean out my closet and this new app could not have made things more simple. It's free to download if you have an iphone, and is also available over the web.

I have been using Poshmark for about two weeks and have already made twenty separate sales. Many of those sales being what is referred to as a "bundle", or a deal made with the buyer to buy multiple items, usually at a discounted price so that they only have to pay shipping one time. One of the best parts of Poshmark is that it can almost entirely be done by your phone. I can take photographs of my clothing on my phone, immediately upload it on to Poshmark, and post it for sale. Many nights I go to sleep and wake up to find out that I sold items while I slept.

An example of one of the bundles I've sold on Poshmark.

There are several thousands of users on Poshmark and I have found the more followers one has, the easier it is to sell items. They have "Posh Parties" daily with various themes so that people can sell items that fit the theme and get more exposure.

Poshmark isn't only for selling though, it is also a place to score great deals for yourself. Once you have made a sale, you can request a check from Poshmark with your earnings or get it directly deposited into your bank account. If you have a balance, you could also use that to go shopping the closets of others.

Poshmark keeps a record of your sales in account settings so that you can easily check their status. 

I tried Ebay for a couple of days but quit before my listing was up, as it hadn't garnered even one bid. On top of that, Ebay had pages and pages of fine print and was charging me fees before I made any progress at all. Poshmark is great because if you are selling an item, they provide the shipping labels once it's bought, keep up with the shipment tracking, etc. They have a very simple policy and straight to the point directions. They keep 20% of your profits but to me it is worth it, because otherwise I would have made 0. I highly recommend others to try out this great new app.

Poshmark walks you through the steps of your sale to ensure everything is done properly.

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